Pipe Leak Emergency

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There are times when water damage seems to sneak up out of nowhere. A few weeks ago, a man frantically contacts our emergency line. It seemed as though a pipe started leaking under his kitchen sink a couple hours before he got home, so he walked right into a watery mess. Although this type of issue can be devastating for anyone, his house was filled with priceless antiques and many were located in the basement right below the leak.

Arrived in less than thirty minutes

Our team rushed to the man’s house and we arrived in less than thirty minutes after we were notified of the emergency. We quickly assessed the situation and let me tell you: water was everywhere. Luckily, not much liquid had fully penetrated the floor, so his basement antiques were safe for the time being.

Brought in water extraction equipment

After making sure that the situation was not going to get any worse, we brought in all of our water extraction equipment. We took apart part of the floor and started removing the water that had seeped through to the roof of the basement and began operating our heavy-duty drying equipment targeting every moist area in the kitchen and below. After the urgency of this problem was diffused, we told the man that he had made a great decision by calling as soon as he noticed the problem.

Time is critical

Water damage gets progressively more severe for every second it is not taken care of and for every day that water is left unattended in the home, the cost to fix the mess increases by thousands of dollars. We kept our equipment in this man’s house for five days in order to do a thorough job and by the time we left, it was as if nothing had ever happened – he did not even have to discard a single possession.

Contact us immediately

Be sure to contact us the moment you notice water in a place where it shouldn’t be so that we can immediately begin to mitigate the problem. If a property is insured, we can often begin working before receiving any type of payment. We will work closely with an insurance company while returning your property to its pre-loss state of condition. In fact, we are an approved vendor for almost every insurance company in the country.

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