COVID-19: Proactive and Reactive Services Available

Critical Services for Decontamination

Proactive Measures
Protecting your teams in advance is as important as a quick response when a positive case of COVID-19 is determined. Contact us to employ proactive cleaning measures as a first line of defense against the arrival of COVID-19 to your business.

Reactive Measures
When a case of COVID-19 is determined, speed is critical to start effective decontamination. After we receive your call, we will quickly be on site, ready to do a walkthrough and begin set up to start the decontamination process.

Safety First, Always
Here is what you can always expect from FIRST ONSITE:

  • Our team will establish a controlled access point to the work area
  • Our leadership ensures that all workers are properly trained, aware of hazards, utilize proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and follow proper sanitation practices
  • We will use the appropriate application technique for your facility
  • A final cleanup upon completion of a decontamination process

During these times of uncertainty, our promise to you includes:

  • Fast and efficient decontamination of large facilities
  • Employees that use appropriate PPE at all times
  • Use of 100% biodegradable, decontamination products with no carcinogens or poisonous residuals
  • Work completed in accordance with applicable EPA, State, Provincial, Local, IICRC, OSHA, CCOHS, NIOSH and AIHA guidelines
  • Action taken in the most environmentally-friendly way possible
  • Maintain safe work practices around sensitive business equipment

If COVID-19 impacts your business or you simply want to talk through what to do if it does, schedule a consultation today.

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