PREP- Priority Response Emergency Plan

Partner with FIRST ONSITE before a loss to reduce response time and the threat of business downtime.

When a pipe bursts, what do you do? Who do you call? How long will it take for you to recover and get back to business? This is what connecting with FIRST ONSITE ahead of crisis is all about. We help you answer these questions ahead of an incident so that your facilities team and our restoration professionals know how to react when you need us most.

We are an experienced property restoration team that is trained to respond quickly, and that experience has taught us that a pre-loss partnership with you will make us even faster when it really matters.

What is a PREP (Priority Response Emergency Plan)?

A PREP plan (Priority Response Emergency Plan) helps us work together to establish future activities and responsibilities. It’s beneficial because it allows FIRST ONSITE to help you plan for the future in the event of any type of loss.

PREP Program Goals

-Speed up the response time.
-Speed up the restoration process.
-Establish an agreement between the parties for future work.
-Create a framework and foundation for response to any disaster.

PREP Program Benefits

-Establish a relationship between your property restoration company and the property owner ahead of a disaster.
-Complete access to the FIRST ONSITE team to ensure preparedness documents and protocols for when a disaster occurs are established before a loss.
-Have access to pre-loss resources like storm preparation tips and lunch and learns.
-Includes a site review and walk-through

Learn more about a PREP Partnership

Our fastest and most efficient response is achieved when your company has a relationship with FIRST ONSITE before a loss. Partner with us to minimize business interruption.