Ask the Expert

Do You Have a Question About Emergency Services or How We Can Help You Get Back to Business Quickly?

Feel free to submit a question to the expert if it’s not covered here. We’ll get back to right away with an answer.

1. How fast can you respond?
From the moment you call, you’ll speak to an Interstate team member who will respond immediately. We’ll take down the critical information and start mobilizing a team. Our response time in 2015 has averaged less than 2 hours, depending on where you’re located and weather conditions.

2. How can I get priority status if you have so many national accounts?
When an areawide disaster hits, it’s in a specific location. Think of an inverted funnel. The top of the funnel includes Interstate’s national client properties. The small bottom of the funnel is the actual properties compromised by an individual event in a specific area.

Additionally, as our national account base has grown, we have expanded our resources to match the needs. In fact, we’ve helped clients in southern hurricane zones while simultaneously servicing clients in flooding regions in the west coast. You can always rely on us to help you when you need it most.

3. Do you bill the insurance company?
We work directly for the client and bill the client for services performed. We do provide the client with a detailed invoice with necessary back up pertaining to the loss to help them facilitate the insurance claim. We welcome input from their insurance adjuster/broker/carrier throughout all phases of the project.

4. Do you offer warrantees?
Yes, Interstate wants to make sure you’re absolutely satisfied with our work and offers warranties on all work performed.